FlameCord will speedup your Minecraft Server

FlameCord will speed up your Minecraft server

FlameCord, a fork of Waterfall, will speed up your Minecraft server. Here is why:

  • Efficient Load Balancing: FlameCord's advanced load-balancing ensures that your server resources are distributed optimally between lobbies.
  • RAM/CPU Optimization: With FlameCord, RAM and CPU usage is reduced by removing useless features and improving the codebase.
  • Waterfall Features: FlameCord incorporates essential features from Waterfall, enhancing server stability and compatibility with various Minecraft versions.
  • Security Integration: FlameCord integrates ipset for enhanced security, protecting your server from potential threats early.
  • Antibot System: FlameCord's antibot system effectively detects and mitigates bot attacks, preserving the integrity and security of your server.

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