How to install FlameCord

Installing FlameCord From Scratch

  1. Download the latest FlameCord release from BuiltByBit.
  2. Extract the FlameCord files to a directory on your server.
  3. Configure the FlameCord settings according to your server requirements, including network settings, port configurations, and security measures.
  4. Run the FlameCord JAR file using Java to launch the proxy server.
  5. Verify that FlameCord is running smoothly by connecting to your server using the specified IP address and port.

Transitioning From BungeeCord to FlameCord:

  1. Backup your BungeeCord configuration files and player data to ensure a smooth transition.
  2. Download the latest FlameCord release and extract the files to your server directory.
  3. Copy over your existing BungeeCord configuration settings to the FlameCord configuration files, ensuring compatibility and preserving server settings.
  4. Adjust any network or port configurations as needed to align with FlameCord's setup.
  5. Start the FlameCord proxy server and test connectivity to ensure a successful transition from BungeeCord to FlameCord.

Installing Geyser for Cross-Platform Play

  1. Download the Geyser plugin from the official Geyser website or plugin repository.
  2. Place the Geyser plugin JAR file into the plugins directory of your FlameCord server.
  3. Restart the FlameCord server to load the Geyser plugin.
  4. Configure the Geyser settings, including authentication options and platform compatibility.
  5. Verify Geyser integration by connecting to your Minecraft server using a Bedrock Edition client or another supported platform.

Installing TCPShield for DDoS Protection

  1. Sign up for a TCPShield account on the official TCPShield website.
  2. Generate an access token and configure your TCPShield settings, including domain setup and filtering options.
  3. Install the TCPShield plugin on your FlameCord server by downloading the plugin JAR file.
  4. Configure the TCPShield plugin settings, including your access token and desired DDoS protection level.
  5. Restart the FlameCord server to apply the TCPShield integration and benefit from enhanced DDoS protection.


Installing FlameCord and integrating key components like Geyser and TCPShield is crucial for optimizing your Minecraft server's performance, security, and compatibility. Whether you're starting from scratch or transitioning from BungeeCord, following these step-by-step instructions will ensure a smooth setup process. With FlameCord at the helm, your Minecraft server network is primed for success, offering players a seamless and secure gaming experience across platforms.