Using UFW to improve security

Enhancing Minecraft Server Security with UFW and FlameCord

Minecraft servers need robust security. FlameCord optimizes performance, while UFW blocks invalid connections early to prevent DDoS attacks.

Why FlameCord and UFW Matter

  • FlameCord: Enhances server performance and security with load-balancing proxies and antibot systems.
  • UFW: Filters network traffic to reject invalid connections, reducing resource strain and DDoS risk.

Benefits of UFW

  • Early Rejection: Blocks unauthorized access attempts before they reach the server.
  • Simplified Configuration: User-friendly interface for managing firewall rules.

Installing and Setting Up UFW

  1. Installation: sudo apt-get install ufw
  2. Enabling: sudo ufw enable
  3. Setting Up Rules: sudo ufw limit 25565 (for Minecraft default port with limits)

Implementing a Simple Limiter with UFW

  1. Define Limit: sudo ufw limit ssh/tcp
  2. Apply Rule: sudo ufw limit 22/tcp (for SSH)

Remember to apply rules for any other port you want opened to the public, but to avoid opening ports you don't want to be exposed.

Enhancing Security with FlameCord and UFW

Integrate FlameCord with UFW for maximum server security and performance. Regular updates are essential.

For detailed setup instructions, consult FlameCord documentation and UFW community resources.